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The golden green grass undulated over mounds of hillocks. If you cancel the offloading of your backpack: Find your upcoming trek on your home page. Besides being such a sweetheart he was so positive and motivating. Whether you are seeking a blissful walk through dense alpine forests or dreaming of setting up a camp in the scenic campsites or simply willing to explore the rich culture of quaint mountain villages, Dayara Bugyal leaves no stone unturned in surprising you with its generous offerings. It was my first ever and i loved everything about it. It is a quaint Himalayan village. Important note: Indiahikes Trek Vouchers are non-refundable, not transferable to others or extendable. The best thing of 2019 is those 6 days. Day 6 (Drive-back Day): Return from Raithal to Dehradun. The lesson of Self confidence where nothing is impossible is a life lesson I take back from this trek. In the background rise the mountains of the Gangothri range Pic: Nikhil JoshiUse these pointers to navigate through this extensive trek guide: I had heard of Dayara Bugyal much before we had started Indiahikes — I’m going back almost 13-14 years from now. Dry-fit T-shirts quickly dry your sweat, they are easy to wash and in case of a rainy day, they dry quicker. I would have liked more of a challenge, fewer rest stops and repeatedly waiting for everyone to catch up. . The only thing that I got to see were more endless views of the meadows. My trekking experience was great. Here is what trekkers have to say about their experience at Dayara Bugyal Trek. Dayara Bugyal trek length is 10 km. We have had to move down from the upper Barnala camp to the lower Barnala camp, near the forest huts. As trekkers, we always look forward to treks, and after months of training and planning, if we have to cancel our trek, there’s no greater disappointment than that. Warmup excercises are a must I feel before a trek and these excercises conducted by the trek leaders were very helpful. I loved the mountains and the challenges imposed by the low temprature was very enjoyable. • Spring (Mid March — Mid April): The winter is receding but hasn’t totally left yet. Green trails by india hikes are one of the best practices by India Hikes. Trek was really beautiful. Hard snow is extremely prone to slips. Are those dates in calendar fixed or likely to change. If you are travelling from Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai or any other city, book your. What temperature range can we expect? Reaching the campsite is in itself is very delightful with the forest floor slopes of snow. It is the, Half way, I climbed to a ridge that led to a hill top. Most metros are now well connected by Dehradun by flight. 11,181 ft. (But they do tend to smell quickly, so carry a roll-on deodorant with you.). You need to get a headlamp because it leaves your hands free to do other activities. It was a true eye opener - 90 percent of what we collected was landfill. In 2019, it happened in the first week of December. If you are likely to have your periods on your trek date, don’t worry about it. How is the mobile connectivity on the Dayara Bugyal trek? Registering for the trek is an understanding that you will undertake the mandated fitness training and upload the fitness screenshots on your dashboard. The meadows cover an area of 28 sq. Truly a hats off experience. I am over whelmed by walking in woods and snow. After living in the mountains I learnt that we've cherish even the tiniest bit that we have because everyone does not have that also.It was fine till the ascent of the first day, not being used to such severe cold I was not feeling well so I had to descend down on 2nd day. This is the time to hear birds. This is by far most professional and friendly experience I had. It teaches us to respect nature and not throw plastics and garbage in mountains and take all the garbage back home. As my first himalayan trek, I had nice experience trekking with indiahikes. Dayara Bugyal trek is made for someone who loves to sit and relax in the lap of nature away from all the worldly distractions. Tiny flowers make their heads out of the grass while, (mid Sep — mid Oct) the skies are at their clearest. However, snow raises the difficulty of the trek by a notch. The whole trail of Magnificent forest area, beautiful campsites, ancient villages, high points. You will witness maple leaves turning fiery red. But I was happy that we got an opportunity to do our part during the trek. Safety standards are perfectly upto the mark. Spend at least a couple of hours exploring the Dayara meadows before retracing your steps to the Chania huts. Valid for 1 year from date of issue. My wife and I have done the Kedarkantha trek in winter 2018 and the Buran Ghati trek in summer 2019 (both with Indiahikes!). For Metro train walk down to the Hazrat Nizamuddin metro station, take a metro to Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus, get off and connect to Dhaula Kuan Airport line metro station (there are convenient travelater belts over a skywalk). On your return from the trek you start from Barsu. Step 3: For the scholarship – before making the payment, send an email with a proof-of-age of your child to [email protected]. Day 4- The trek from Dayara Bugyal to Bakariya top and back to Dayara Bugyal. Perfect for snowball fights and an experience of snowfall if you’re lucky. Can she be a part of the trek. The drive takes you through lovely forest stretches. ticket to Delhi from Dehradun (Nanda Devi or Mussoorie express). The trek was really good for a beginner. Wearing layers is the mantra in the mountains. I love trekking with IH and would suggest a lot of friends to trek with India Hikes although there were time management issues from the trekkers and sometimes we had to wait after getting ready to start the trek. , they too run out of cash. , which is a government property owned by the GMVN is decent. Rental shoes are not dirty or unhygienic. You can reach this lush green high altitude meadow by trekking on an easy uphill hike of mere 9kms. And below me were these endless carpets of green rolling meadows. The trail goes right on the edge of the meadow. Not only the trek leader took all the efforts of making sure of our health but he also took a step ahead in explaining different conditions to us and making sure that we're all self-sufficient if needed. The Health card thing was awesome. The nights are cooler and even though it’s summer you will need 2-3 layers to keep you warm after sun-down. This was one of the finest experience and I know I speak for everyone when I say this. These accessories are mandatory. They also come up with the most questions and observations. Try to hook up with co-passengers on the flight for your taxi ride to Dehradun. She holds the Green Trails idea close to her heart and enjoys researching and writing about the environment. The amount is to be paid directly to our transporter. Bunk beds start at Rs 300. Do not book any flight between 6.00 and 8 am. Patience and being Peaceful is what mountains taught me during the trek. I want to do this trek but none of my friends are In any case we don’t camp at Barnala these days. Trek the highest altitude undulating meadows & enjoy the widespread imposing view of towering Himalayan peaks. In the rarified air on the trek, especially at high altitudes. It no longer goes to New Delhi railway station. 2. Now I know if I set my mind to anything, I can achieve it. Avoid getting large toilet rolls. It does not have tricky sections, but a couple of sections on the trek can get challenging. Thank you . I have trekked to Dayara from multiple routes — what strikes me is how shady the trail is. Don’t go to Dayara Bugyal without them. You also get Non-AC buses. The beauty is mesmerizing. That’s the best time to introduce children to the Himalayas. It is peak winter, so you can expect temperatures to drop down to -10 degrees or lower in the evenings. Things to know about Dayara Bugyal trek The starting point of the amazing trek of Dayara Bugyal resides in the tiny beautiful mountain village of Raithal. Hi! Thank you for the experience and im looking forward for memories with Indiahikes. Start recording your run when you start running. 10 hrs of work! From the pick up point till the end of the trek everything was spot on!! While Dayara Bugyal is the prettiest meadow of our country, there are other alpine meadows in India too. A bus generally leaves from Dehradun Railway Station to Uttarkashi at 8:00 am. On the onset of winters they transform into ideal ski slopes over an area of about 28 sq km. Reach Raithal; 9-hour drive from Dehradun. The toilets are very comfortable, with privacy. Dayara Bugyal is at the height of 12,500 ft. asl. You will reach Dehradun between 6 pm and 7 pm. The number of your transport coordinator will be shared with you a week prior to your departure. This is a must read for anybody going on the trek. The big massif with Mt Kalanag followed me everywhere. After completing my studies and entering a job ,I merely forgotten about it. We always felt comfortable having them around. Return from Raithal to Dehradun. : Do not book on any other train except the Nanda Devi Express. My recommendation: give the driver a list of passengers and ask him to wait in a particular spot in the bus station with a sign "Indiahikes: Dayara Bugyal". Simplicity. Will this trek have more of a family and older crowd during mid December? Curiosity got the better of me. There was perfect execution of plans from the organizatoin. Take a metro to Hazrat Nizamuddin metro station over the pink line. : Take the afternoon Jan Shatabdi express from New Delhi railway station (leaves at 15.20 pm) to arrive at Haridwar by 9.10 pm. In a full sweep, panning from your left to right, in a wide panorama are some of the other great mountains of the Gharwal Himalayas — Mt Srikanth, Draupadi Ka Danda and Mt Jaunli. But. Our trek leaders carry a high altitude medical kit with them which also consist of Life Saving Drugs. It would help you. A high altitude trek in the Himalayas requires considerable fitness. Nature lies in the best form in this trek. No further slots are likely. It is not valid for treks we run in Nepal. Reply. And whats the mode of communication mam?? Yes you are most likely to see a lot of snow by mid-December. You can leave behind luggage (no valuables) that you do not require for the trek at Raithal. Finish. drive. Carry 3-4 old plastic covers to keep your used clothes. It is about 1.5 kms from Dehradun railway station. . They also increase your walking pace. It is extremely effective because it covers both you and your backpack. Though, at the lower camps the temperature will hang slightly above zero. Provide lukewarm water to wash utensils. You can feel the presence of the divine in the serene nature and tranquility of the summits.The overall trek experience was amazing but felt the quality of food was not good as compared to my previous trek with IH. AAHVAN ADVENTURES is one of the leading adventure Trekking operators in India. Fifteen minutes of descent brings you to the rain shelter from where you diverted to Barnala on the way up. It was a winter trek and would be better if supply of lukewarm drinking water could increased. Fitness is a very important part.and you guys make sure that we have that. In spring you will find that the snow has freshly melted and green meadows dotted with flowers have started peeping out. Step 5: Make the payment once you get a thumbs up from the Trek Coordinator. And it gets challenging in snow during the winters. While Wildcraft has more expensive ones, the other two brands have budget-friendly backpacks to choose from. Right from the base camp until you breakout of the forests into the meadows, the trail is in good shade with lovely forest cover. Stainless steel cutlery is infinitely easier to wash in cold water. A pair of trekking poles will make the difference between a comfortable and a strenuous trek. It would also be nice if the group would stick to timings a bit more (the role of trek leader could be key here) since packing, getting ready and then waiting for others to get ready when it's so cold is really not pleasant. Absolutely fantastic safety standards. For > 45 years age : Two screenshots of 5 km in 47 minutes. Here’s a guide to help you get fit for the trek. Carry this if you are prone to knee injury or have known issues of knee pain. Indiahikes technical team will lead in this section to make the footholds required for trekkers to step on. Trek pants with zippered cut offs at the thighs are very suitable for treks. | Rental: Imported side-locking trekking poles are available on rent on the Indiahikes store. Right from the time you decide to register for the trek till the last day of the trek, these safety procedures will be running in the background. . Take a small water break here and then proceed. Anything such as a driver’s license, Aadhar card, passport will do. As you approach Raithal, you witness the brilliant colours of sunset over Mt Jaonli and Draupadi ka Danda peaks. Because it was our first time that's why we book our package with BizareXpedition. I don’t think I can say I was stunned. | Buying tip: Go for pants with zippered pockets. (9,500 ft) – This is an acclimatization day; 3-4 hours. : Wildcraft, Decathlon and Adventure Worx usually make good backpacks. Raithal is the basecamp for your trek. I thought indiahikes is just another trek company and i just book this trek just by asking question on quora. : The final climb to Dayara top is also steep. – Cancellation less than 20 days before the starting date of the trek — No monetary refund, get 50% of your fees in an Indiahikes Trek Voucher. 1. i assume there will be some spare ones. We are keen to attempt Dayara Bugyal in summer 2020 with our young daughters (age; 13 & 8 in 2020). • Closest Hospital: If a medical emergency occurs, then the District hospital in Uttarkashi is the closest to you. 1. Asking each one of us twice a day on how we feel might be a simple gesture but we felt really good that yeah we are in safe hands. We’ll be able to help you out. Dates not suiting you? If it is cold outside, it will be around 10 degrees warmer inside the tent. Your pickup vehicle may leave without you. If you’re looking for something more difficult, you could look at Mukta Top. Just by the pond is a mound. It is also a requirement by Indiahikes –. 3) Sleep is very essential for a good trekking experience. • Summer (mid-April — June): There is no trace of winter left now. The decision for me to do a trek was actually came from a depression. This policy is effective for registrations starting January 5, 2021. The memory name game conducted by the trek leader was very much fun. It is a pain reliever. The journey from Dehradun to the base camp is not included in the fee. Trek to Dayara Bugyal (3,048m ) is an unforgettable trek in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. seasons — winter, spring, summer and autumn — to do this trek. First because in summer the Dayara Bugual landscape transforms to a bright meadow dotted with flowers. Anyone who wants to register for the Dayara Bugyal trek has to meet the fitness requirements, with the ideal BMI. I wouldn't have reached the summit if it wasn't for him. Dayara Bugyal is a beautiful alpine meadow situated in the north-west part of Uttarakhand in India. There is no extra charge to leaving this luggage at the base camp, and you do not have to pre book it anywhere. There’s so much to learn from the outdoors. There is no doubt that this was the best trip I've ever had! Would this be a good time to see the meadows or would it be still under snow ? This post will give you an idea of the layers you need for a winter trek –

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